Internet Asset Management

Internet Asset Management

Most organizations have seen a dramatic rise in Internet-connected assets on their networks. Whether it’s IoT, BYOD, unsanctioned cloud instances, or connections to third-party suppliers, there’s a nearly infinite number of ways for both managed and unsanctioned assets to come onto your network.

Your network is constantly changing. Your IT asset inventory management needs to keep up.

You need a way to know what hardware, software, IaaS, and digital assets you have on your network. Expanse enables organizations to find and monitor all of their Internet-connected assets so they can manage them effectively.

Most organizations typically focus on known hardware and software assets. However, most organizations also have an array of digital assets — from domains to certificates to IP addresses — that aren’t included in the traditional “assets” managed by IT operations. IT operations needs a way to discover, track, and monitor these assets because, without it, their organizations are open to attack and/or a damaging breach.

Internet Asset Management

Security Starts With Asset Management

Expanse discovers and monitors all of your Internet-connected assets. You get a single source of truth about the assets tied to your organization, including those that are on-premise, in the cloud, or belonging to third parties.

With Expanse:

  • Monitor, track, and report on your complete global Internet attack surface
  • Secure previously unknown or unmonitored assets by bringing them under IT control
  • Maintain an ongoing, accurate inventory of all Internet- connected assets
  • Quantify risks that Internet-connected devices pose to your organization
  • Identify suspicious or risky activity like communications with Tor networks, command-and-control servers, and geographies that may be prohibited

This allows you to:

  • Reduce risk by taking action before damage occurs
  • Reduce the time IT and security teams spend collecting and analyzing data, freeing up their time to focus on remediation
  • Improve your security posture when working with partners and suppliers

Learn how Expanse improves to way you manage Internet assets and reduces your cybersecurity risk.