Cloud Asset Discovery

Digital transformation has led to an explosion of Internet-connected assets organizations have to monitor.

Once it was straightforward for IT to get a handle on the infrastructure and devices used to run processes, data centers, and applications. But the rise of cloud has made it possible for anyone with an email address and a credit card to set up infrastructure without the knowledge of IT teams. While this has allowed for a great deal of agility, it also makes it hard for organizations to track all of the assets they need to secure.

Before you can govern your cloud assets, you need a complete, accurate, and current cloud asset inventory.

85% of companies operate in a multi-cloud environment.

Existing IT and security tools have failed to provide the visibility organizations need. Vulnerability management tools require agents to be installed. Cloud Access Security Brokers can’t prevent shadow cloud infrastructure from being set up using an unsanctioned account. And while Cloud Security Posture Management solutions provide rich functionality to ensure security policies are in place, they only monitor known accounts through integrations with Cloud Service Providers.

Organizations today need a better way to discover and monitor their global attack surface, including cloud assets that can’t be found, monitored, or secured using traditional security technology. That’s where Expanse comes in.

Discover Your Total Cloud Footprint

One Platform to Discover and Track All of Your Cloud Assets

Expanse continuously collects information about every asset on the public Internet, including those in cloud providers, to illuminate your entire cloud footprint — even assets that were created and exist outside of your known, managed accounts.

With Expanse, you can:

  • Get an accurate, up-to-date inventory of sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud infrastructure
  • Identify noncompliant and out-of-policy cloud infrastructure across all cloud providers
  • Automatically identify exposures of varying criticality

Build a Cloud Governance Strategy

To maintain control of your organization’s constantly changing and growing cloud footprint, you need to implement controls to ensure assets are created, managed, and secured across cloud providers appropriately.

Expanse allows you to:

  • Reduce risk by quickly identifying unsanctioned cloud assets and taking action before damage occurs
  • Streamline security operations with one platform that provides automatic updates of new exposures
  • Reduce shadow cloud infrastructure for improved governance
  • Improve your compliance posture with a global view of your assets and their behaviors

There’s a better way to manage your assets in the cloud. Learn more about how to manage, reduce, and protect your global cloud attack surface with Expanse.

Discover, Monitor, and Track Your Cloud Assets