Attack Surface Reduction

Attack Surface Reduction

Your attack surface is constantly changing. M&A transactions. New web servers. Onboarding new vendors. Unsanctioned cloud development. These and many other cases make it easy for Internet-connected assets to get added to your network without your corporate IT and security teams knowing. You can’t protect what you don’t know about, and all too often your “unknowns” become potential attack vectors for adversaries.

Most cyber attacks originate from external attack vectors

Attackers can use machine-speed attacks to discover and breach unknown assets in minutes. Many high-profile breaches in recent years happened through exposures that were not visible to the organization. This can result in significant damage to your brand reputation, business interruption, and sensitive data loss.

Know your exposures

Existing security solutions fall short when it comes to finding unmonitored and unsanctioned assets. Companies often focus on protecting known assets on the network rather than on uncovering the unknowns. They rely on internally generated and self-reported Master IP Address Lists that are incomplete or on Internet scanning tools that require you already know what you’re looking for.

Assets that can expose you to attacks include:

  • Internet-connected servers with responsive services
  • Invalid or expired certificates
  • Untracked domains
  • Unsanctioned cloud assets
  • Unknown or misidentified IP addresses and ranges

When companies don’t have a plan to identify and govern these unknown assets, they leave exposures on the public Internet that are easy for an attacker to exploit.

Discover the unknown with Expanse

You must understand your attack surface to protect it. With Expanse, you get a comprehensive, continuously updated inventory of all of your Internet-connected assets so you can find and remediate exposures quickly.

With Expanse:

  • Get a complete, continuous, and accurate, inventory of your company’s Internet-connected assets
  • Discover unknown assets and bring them under management
  • Reduce the number of unknown assets on your network to zero
  • Continuously monitor assets for indicators of compromise or suspicious behavior

This allows you to reduce your attack surface and protect your company’s assets. And with a smaller, well-managed attack surface, you can respond more quickly to evolving cyber threats and give your company the secure foundation it needs to succeed.

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