Attack Surface and Internet Asset Management Solutions

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Expanse - Solutions - Know Your Unknowns Expanse - Solutions - Know Your Unknowns

Modern companies and government agencies must manage many different kinds of Internet assets, like domains, certificates, IP addresses, cloud instances, and associated machines and services. It hasn’t always been like this. In the past, IT operations and security teams could focus on hardware and software in a neatly defined network perimeter. But the distributed nature of digital transformation and the ubiquity of commercial cloud solutions have made it possible for anyone to set up infrastructure without IT and security teams’ blessing. The attack surface is always changing. Your strategy for asset management and reducing the attack surface needs to change as well.

You need to know your unknowns.

Expanse provides a continuously updated source of truth for your Internet assets. Expanse lets you identify exposures and remediate them before malicious actors exploit them. It also lets you identify risky communications to quickly find the offending asset and bring it into compliance. This secure foundation is critical to support your processes in the digital age.