Discover Your Real Attack Surface & Why RiskIQ Leaves you Exposed

Expanse serves the world’s largest, most complex organizations and was built from day one to be military-grade. Discover the Expanse difference and how you can prevent unauthorized access to your global IT infrastructure.

No Deployments | No Configurations | No Compromises

The Expanse Difference

Attackers don’t just target websites. With the Expanse Internet Operations Platform, you can discover, monitor, and defend your attack vectors and reduce your risk — immediately.

Complete Coverage

Attackers are constantly looking for new assets to attack, whether they’re on Telnet, database ports, or RDP. Expanse indexes the Internet on the most common ports and protocols to make sure that you’re secure. Go beyond web ports (80/443) and ensure that your perimeter is locked down.

Complete Discovery

Many rogue devices don’t have a domain and aren’t in registered IP space. Expanse uses specially configured signatures to track down your devices before a bad actor can, leading Expanse to discover more assets than anyone, anywhere.

Integrated Workflows

The Expanse Internet Operations Platform is built with integrations and integrated workflows to avoid duplicate, manual tasks.

White-glove Support

A team of technical experts is assigned to each account to help you defend your organization. We partner with you to ensure our platform is operationalized and you are receiving maximum benefit.

The Expanse Advantage

+100 ports with full protocol handshakes
2 web ports; non-web measurement limited to open port checks with high false positive rates
Machine Learning-based across the entire Internet. Adapts to discover how organizations configure their IT footprint
Domain-based rule. Incomplete asset discovery that fails to capture critical infrastructure assets that do not have a webpage or web app
Nuanced attribution through multiple modalities correctly identifies assets you own by not trusting any single data source as authoritative
Frequent false positives and misattributed assets based on inflexible, hard-coded rules, requiring weeks of manual curation and investigation by your team
Real-time interactivity and responsiveness over the world’s largest networks, including those with hundreds of millions of assets
Front-end responsiveness measured in minutes, not seconds
Global Internet
Web pages only
Global Netflow Access
Over 90% of Internet traffic each day
White-glove service included

Understand the Threat. Mitigate Your Risk. Defend Your Network.


Discover the Expanse Difference

Expanse enables you to protect your entire attack surface on-premise, in the cloud, and across your strategic supply chain.


Real-time Attack Surface Reduction With Expanse

Expanse’s Internet Operations Management (IOM) Platform takes a global Internet-scale approach and delivers a real-time view of your complete attack surface.

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The Better Way to Defend Your Attack Surface

Discover, track, and manage all of the systems and services on your Internet attack surface.