Discover your true network edge
and what it’s talking to.


Expanse, formerly Qadium, shows you a complete, real-time view of all your Internet assets and what's talking to them.

Global Edge Tracking

Expanse’s Global Internet Intelligence solution continually gathers and fuses petabytes of actively and passively gathered information on the public Internet. Using this knowledge base, we discover and prioritize remediation of your previously unknown edge systems, shadow cloud instances, and suspicious communications.

  • Edge Behavior

    Edge Expander

  • Global Edge Tracking Engine
  • Global Internet
    Intelligence Platform

Global Internet Edge

  • Products

    Edge Expander defines your public Internet attack surface and tells you what you need to do to minimize risk. Edge Behavior shows you what to prioritize by identifying risky system behaviors and communications. You’ll know what to do first, how to fix it, and what it means to your organization.
  • Dynamic asset discovery

    Expanse classifies and track billions of IPs and trillions of associated network flows looking for system exposures and suspicious communications attributable to your organization.
  • Complete knowledge base of global Internet activity

    Expanse analyzes and tracks suspicious communications seen in petabytes of Internet flow data from global ISPs, and indexes the entire Internet to collect data from lost or misconfigured devices.


Monitor every IT asset Expander

Edge Expander

Own your Internet Edge before someone else does.

Your global network edge is constantly under attack. Without accurate asset lists, you do not know what edge systems you really own, giving attackers the advantage.

Edge Expander is the foundation of your defense. Automatically update your complete edge system asset lists and processes, know where your assets are and to what part of the organization they belong. Have an accurate, real-time picture of your dynamic global network presence.

Get alerts if you have a device communicating with blacklisted countries. Behavior

Edge Behavior

Edge Behavior provides instant analysis of your network edge communications

Discover hidden communication in network edge flow data without the burdens of collection or costly infrastructure.

Edge Behavior cuts through massive amounts of flow data noise to identify systems that are making risky connections to out-of-policy services like Tor and BitTorrent. It sees communications to C&C servers—even through obfuscated access points. Behavior shows you where your network policy gaps are and helps you keep them closed.

New Threat Hunt service helps you know your attacker's infrastructure before they know yours.

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Edge Expander
TA for Splunk

Expanse’s integration with Splunk allows customers to consume and access their global edge and Edge Behavior data in Splunk.

  • Maximize the value of your Splunk implementation with an accurate view of your network edge
  • Create analytics that help you spot trends in global edge activities
  • Set up alerts through Splunk on Edge Expander exposure data

Edge Expander

Once you’ve discovered your true global edge, Expanse’s APIs can be used to integrate data into your existing tools portfolio.

  • Help your team improve the accuracy of your asset management tools
  • Integrate Edge Expander product information into ticketing systems to drive risk reduction
  • Secure the right assets by pushing Edge Expander data in your vulnerability management tools

Use Cases

  • Attack Surface Reduction

    Reduce business risk by finding your hidden attack surface and your exposures at your global edge.
  • Supply Chain Risk and Business Partner Tracking

    Discover hidden IT risks present in your most critical suppliers and have them work with Expanse to remediate the exposures. Understand the IT hygiene of a strategic supplier before you decide to contract for services. Know what risk you are taking on with each business partner.
  • Audit and Compliance

    Root out exposed development, testing, and staging environments. Stay compliant with no global edge asset
 audit surprises.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

    Understand the IT hygiene of an acquisition target with a complete and transparent assessment of their global Internet Edge.
  • Asset Discovery

    Understand pervasive provisioning problems. Drive process efficiency and accuracy in commissioning and decommissioning of assets.
  • Cloud Asset Discovery

    Discover assets in authorized or unauthorized cloud providers, and those deployed in violation of corporate policy.

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