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control your global internet attack surface and identify risky communication with the outside

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Understand what you own, what’s at risk, and how to protect your most critical assets

Expanse Expander discovers, monitors, and tracks your global Internet attack surface, identifying new, existing, and unknown assets, and helps reduce your exposure to attackers.

Expanse Behavior provides a complete, outside-in view of the behavior of your perimeter, its responsive assets, and their communication outside your organization.

Expanse Infographic

Global internet sensing platform

Expanse maintains a historical record of all assets connected to the Internet, who owns them, and communications between them.

Expanse analyzes and tracks Internet-connected assets and communications between them. Our Sensing Platform indexes the entire Internet, storing data about devices connected as well as communications observed between them. Using this data, Expanse can identify assets that have been abandoned or misconfigured, as well as those that may be compromised.

Global edge tracking engine

Dynamic Internet asset discovery and inventory.

Expanse classifies and tracks billions of IPs and trillions of associated network flows, looking for system information that can tie assets back to an organization. This complete and accurate view of their Internet-exposed assets serves as a single source of truth and better inform security operations and other tools.



Understand and monitor your global Internet attack surface

Your Internet-facing assets are constantly under attack from targeted and opportunistic attackers. Without a continuously updated, accurate inventory of those assets, you leave unknown or unmonitored assets exposed to threats. Expander discovers and helps remediate any exposures on those assets.

With Expander, security and IT operations teams have the visibility they need to reduce risk to the business by focusing remediation efforts on critical exposures and assets out of compliance with policy. Expander can automatically update your asset lists and processes, providing a single source of truth about assets that are tied to your organization, including on-premise, through partners, and in cloud providers.

A complete inventory of every Internet-facing asset Behavior - Expanse Product


Understand the communication activity between your Internet-connected assets and others

Discover communication flowing between assets on your attack surface and those outside without the burden of network traffic collection, analysis, or costly infrastructure.

Behavior intelligently identifies assets in your inventory that are making risky connections to out-of-policy services like Tor and BitTorrent, without needing to instrument any of your ingress or egress points. Behavior passively detects communications across the global Internet, allowing security teams to discover network policy gaps and check that compliance controls are implemented properly.

Get alerts for suspicious or risky activity on your network Behavior - Expanse Product

Our Splunk Technical Add-on allows customers to consume and access their Expander data about Internet-facing assets in Splunk.

  • Maximize the value of your Splunk implementation with an accurate view of all Internet-connected assets in your organization
  • Create custom analytics that help you spot trends in asset activities
  • Set up alerts through Splunk on Expander exposure data to drive remediation

Expander APIs can be used to integrate information about Internet-connected assets into existing security and asset management tools.

  • Improve the accuracy of asset management tools by continuously updating information
  • Reduce re-work and remediation time by automatically including asset context in ticketing systems
  • Secure and monitor all of your assets by automatically sending Expander asset data and context into vulnerability management tools

Use Cases

  • Attack Surface Reduction

    Reduce business risk by controlling your attack surface and having visibility into exposures of all Internet-connected assets.
  • Internet-facing Asset Discovery

    Discover and inventory all of your Internet-connected assets and identify unknown or unmonitored assets that are exposed to the internet–whether by mistake, oversight, or shortcut around IT operations. Know the risk of your complete Internet-facing attack surface and reduce the risk of unknown exposures.
  • Supply chain risk and business partner tracking

    Discover IT security risks in your most critical suppliers and work with them to remediate exposures. Understand the IT hygiene of strategic suppliers before you decide to contract for services and know the risk you are taking on with business partners.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

    Make informed acquisition decisions by evaluating a target organization’s IT hygiene with a complete and unbiased assessment of their global Internet attack surface. Fact check your target’s asset list and security posture prior to completing a transaction.
  • Public Cloud Asset Discovery

    Understand pervasive provisioning problems and identify unknown cloud assets and shadow IaaS that have been commissioned without the knowledge of IT. Gain visibility and drive toward a complete, accurate asset inventory to ensure your security and IT teams are protecting all Internet-facing assets, both on-prem and in the cloud.
  • Audit and Compliance

    Identify all production, development, testing, and staging environments. Stay compliant with a complete asset inventory with no audit surprises.