Why Accenture Chose Expanse


With globally dispersed teams and a constantly evolving network due to acquisitions, it was challenging for Accenture to get complete visibility into its Internet assets and services.


Accenture uses Expanse Expander to improve Internet asset discovery and inventory management, as well as to boost visibility into its cloud footprint and shadow infrastructure. This has enabled Accenture to accelerate issue identification and remediation.


Accenture securely integrated the Internet assets and services of 27 new acquisitions into its network and improved Internet asset discovery and inventory management.

A Secure Foundation for an Agile Organization

Accenture is fiercely dedicated to providing exceptional value to its clients, who include more than three-quarters of the Fortune Global 500. In the digital age, companies will disrupt or be disrupted. And Accenture constantly aims to be at the vanguard of change so it can empower its clients to do the same.

To ensure its top-tier services are paired with a top-tier cyber risk posture, Accenture partnered with Expanse to automate the Internet asset discovery and inventory process, reduce its attack surface on-premises and in the cloud, and securely manage M&A network integrations.

Automating Asset Inventory and Security Processes

With half a million employees and offices in 52 countries, Accenture must manage and secure Internet assets and services across a complex and constantly changing global network. A core part of this effort is automating its Internet asset inventory and security processes across the board.

With Expander, a core solution within the Expanse Internet Operations Management Platform, Accenture developed a complete, current, and accurate inventory of all of its Internet assets and services and surfaced problematic exposures like RDP servers and a misconfigured database. Now, Accenture is empowered to respond quickly if an issue arises with this continuously updated inventory of IP addresses, domains, and certificates from Expanse.

With heightened visibility into Internet assets and services associated with them, Accenture was able to intensify its attack surface reduction efforts on-premises and in the cloud, as well as reduce time to identify and remediate issues. At a time when any employee with an email and a credit card can spin up cloud infrastructure, the ability to discover, monitor, and when necessary, remediate issues across both on-premises and cloud assets is critical. With Expanse, Accenture has accelerated and streamlined remediation.

Securing Business Growth

Accenture has an aggressive business growth strategy. As in any acquisition, when Accenture acquires a new company, it also takes on that company’s cyber risks.

With Expanse, Accenture completed cyber due diligence on and then integrated the assets associated with 27 different acquisitions. Accenture was able to monitor assets disclosed by acquired companies as well as proactively discover those companies’ unknown assets. This made it possible to quickly bring those assets under management and eliminate any associated risks.

With continuous discovery and monitoring of assets as well as any communications between those assets and the Internet, Accenture has a secure foundation to continue delivering exceptional service to its customers in the digital age.