DOD Supply Chain: Tracking the Digital Attack Surface

Nation states are engaging in systematic intellectual property theft against the US through weak links in complex supply chains. Despite having cybersecurity programs that vary in effectiveness, suppliers are being allowed the self-certify their cyber hygiene. This presents profound risk to the global competitiveness of US industry and its ability to deliver uncompromised solutions to the US government.

Discover and Track Your Global Cloud Footprint

In this webinar, Expanse’s Product Manager, Haley Sayres, discusses what happens when organizations build new applications and migrate existing workloads to the cloud, and how current tools and methods of tracking and monitoring assets and infrastructure can’t keep up. She outlines how you can avoid the security gaps caused by unknown cloud assets—those set up outside of policy or using insecure configurations—and how you can gain continuous visibility over all of your Internet-connected assets, both on-prem and in the cloud.

Attack Surface Reduction

Expanse’s Lisa Wallace discusses network attack surface and explains how companies can launch attack surface reduction initiatives to reduce their exposure to attacks.

Demystifying Major Breaches – WannaCry

Expanse’s Pamela Toman, Staff Data Scientist, will conduct a deep dive into malware attacks in recent years, the methods they’ve used, and the vulnerabilities they’ve exploited. Pamela will take a detailed look at how the WannaCry attack – that crippled organizations around the world in 2017 – unfolded, and how organizations can defend themselves in the future.