Expanse Overview

Organizations today need a new way to manage their Internet-connected assets. From IP addresses to domains to certificates, there’s an array of digital artifacts organizations must manage and track along with hardware and software. But all too often, existing tools fall short in the face of this challenge.

That’s why organizations like PayPal, CVS, Allergan, and the Department of Defense are turning to Expanse for Internet-wide visibility into their assets, exposures on those assets, and risky Internet communications originating from their networks.

Check out this tech brief to learn more about how you can manage your Internet-connected assets and reduce your cyber risk with Expanse. You’ll learn:

  • Key use cases for Expanse Edge Expander and Edge Behavior
  • Why you need a single source of truth for Internet-connected assets on-prem and in the cloud
  • How IT operations and security teams benefit from Expanse
  • How you can reduce third-party risk with Expanse
  • And more

Discover and Track Your Cloud Footprint

Download our tech brief, Discovering Your Total Cloud Footprint, to understand how to reduce your attack surface by integrating a continuous, outside-in perspective of your Internet Edge assets, including those living in unmanaged or rogue AWS accounts.

Know Your Unknowns With a Master IP Address List Audit

Knowing your network is the most foundational step in building a secure organization, but many organizations overlook important edge cases and even mundane events that lead to an incomplete view of their network.

Learn the benefits of using a whole-Internet approach to IP address discovery.

Expanse routinely observes that anywhere from 3% to almost 70% of Internet Edge assets are unknown to organizations.

Behavior Datasheet

Expanse Behavior dynamically analyzes network Edge communications across the global Internet to detect and stop risky and out of policy activities occurring on your Internet Edge before they can be exploited, without requiring customer instrumentation of any kind.

Expander Datasheet

Until now, there has been no way for organizations to understand what their global Internet attack surface looks like to attackers, including company assets unintentionally exposed to the Internet.