My Journey From the FBI to Expanse

Armed with a gun, badge, and the latest and greatest technical advancements, I’ve spent my career tracking down and stopping threat actors on the streets and behind their computer screens. It’s been an epic journey from the FBI all the way to Expanse.  

Chapter 1: In the Beginning

I started my career in cybersecurity as a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). It was an honor to work for the world’s greatest law enforcement agency. The mission-critical work and defending the Constitution of the United States were gratifying. 

For about 14 years, I arrested cyber threat actors, solved complex investigations, and led teams. I also learned what made the FBI successful. Do you want to know their secret? Their people. The real power of the FBI is not its image, brand, or given authority. It’s the people who comprise the FBI. They are the heart and soul of the organization — a genuinely elite workforce.

So when I made my decision to leave the FBI, I was leaving a fantastic group of people. Several factors influenced my decision to leave. The most significant factor was my desire to find my calling.

In my last year with the FBI, I had a very impactful conversation with an industry leader in cybersecurity, and he shared an intriguing thought with me — he told me he was pursuing his calling. He defined work into three categories: a job, a career, and a calling. The FBI was a rewarding career, but I was being pulled in new directions, towards a new calling. This idea took hold and eventually led me to Expanse.

Chapter 2: My Transition

DEVCON, a cybersecurity startup, was my first stop in my post-FBI journey. This was a critical transition for me. I learned a tremendous amount of information, from how to raise a round of funding to the importance of empowering your workforce. 

I was drawn to DEVCON also because of a fabulous group of people. No matter where you work, working with people you want to see and work with every day in the service of a purpose-filled mission is an important theme for me. I’m grateful for more than a year I got to spend time and learn at DEVCON before turning towards the next opportunity: Expanse! 

Chapter 3: Know Your Internet

When I first learned about Expanse, I was intrigued. In the FBI, I hunted and apprehended the bad guys post-incident, but what if I could help stop them before the incident – left of bang! That was a powerful idea, one that sounded like it might be closer to what I wanted to be doing.

I started interviewing with Expanse and was immediately impressed with the recruiter. I can honestly say, I have never worked with a more experienced, organized, and thoughtful recruiter. During my first phone interview, she shared Expanse’s vision with me, what Expanse was seeking in an applicant, and what made Expanse successful. After the call ended, I knew I found my new home.

Fast forward to my onsite. Members of my future team welcomed me. They were all extremely friendly, smart, and enjoyable. I have never had an onsite interview quite like it, when I left, I knew I could help Expanse continue its mission to restore the promise of the Internet — unfettered innovation. It also became apparent, Expanse only hired highly gifted and dedicated people, and at this stage in my professional career, I have come to understand that a talented and committed team is critical.

When they offered me the opportunity to join the Expanse family as the Head of Cyber Risk, I was elated. 

Now that I am a part of the company, I can definitively say they have done a masterful job of bringing top talent to the organization. My current team is no exception. In my new role, I am leading a team of analysts who identify vulnerabilities in our customers’ vast online presence. Our customers are large Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. Our mission is to stop cyber incidents before they even happen. That mission is only possible because of the people at Expanse. My team represents a force not to be reckoned with, and we’ve revived the talent pool of the FBI. 

I heard the call. I showed up at Expanse. I’m where I want to be and look forward to the work we continue doing to protect the organizations we serve.