Expanse Joins IBM QRadar’s Ecosystem of Security Integrations

Expanse is excited to announce an integration with IBM QRadar, a long-time leader in Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) solutions. IBM QRadar customers now have an accurate, complete, and current system of record of their Internet Assets, providing peace of mind that they are seeing their entire attack surface.

With the Expanse-QRadar integration, joint customers can now receive Expanse-generated events and exposure data across IBM QRadar to reduce their organization’s attack surface. But integrating with IBM QRadar goes beyond providing alerts and dashboards for SIEM dashboards, as IBM Security products use a common data repository within the IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform. Critical alerts generated by Expanse can also be viewed and filtered in IBM QRadar’s dashboards, used to kick off playbooks in IBM Resilient (QRadar’s Security Orchestration Automation and Response platform), and leveraged to scan newly discovered Internet Assets with IBM QRadar Vulnerability Manager.

Using Expander data, you can quickly take action on risky exposure appearances on your network perimeter, enabling you to reduce your attack surface. Additionally, you can look up any IP address in your QRadar instance and see relevant Expander attribution and ownership information for it.

Using Behavior data, you can quickly be alerted in QRadar to suspicious or out-of-policy network activity on your network perimeter, without any on-premise installation and deployment required.

Having an accurate inventory of all of your Internet Assets on-premise and in the cloud — as well as knowing their associated exposures — is key to managing asset life cycles and achieving meaningful attack surface reduction. The Expanse integration with IBM QRadar makes it that much easier to action on Internet Asset and exposure information from Expander and ensure risky exposures are remediated.

If you are a current customer, you can download the integration from the IBM App Exchange and follow the steps in the installation guide. For further support, please contact your Engagement Manager.

And if you’re not a current customer, we’d love to talk with you about this integration and how we can support your security and IT teams. Schedule a demo today to learn more about these new product capabilities and how Expanse can help your organization.