DISA Uses Expanse to Monitor its Network Attack Surface

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) manages and assures a global enterprise information structure across the full spectrum of US military operations.

A crucial partner in this mission is Expanse, which DISA uses to monitor and defend the Department of Defense’s Information Network (DODIN). It also works with other agencies to deploy and manage Expanse in their own networks.

“We have found a lot of value in this tool,” Amanda Villowck, chief of DISA’s Cyber Analytics Branch, said in a post by DISA describing how they use Expanse. “We have customers who use it and acknowledge how it enhances their Defense Cyberspace Operations (DCO) missions.”

DISA uses Expanse to identify and remediate exposures of Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) instances, which frequently happen in unmonitored IP space and can be easy for malicious actors to exploit.

“Not many exposures are the result of malice, but that doesn’t mean they present any less risk to the organization,” Craig Williams, a program analyst with the Cyber Situational Awareness and Analytics Division, said in DISA’s post. “It’s critical for those responsible for maintaining and protecting networks to have visibility into all internet-exposed assets to quickly find and remediate exposures, no matter the cause.”

DISA also uses Expanse to detect and manage other Internet-facing and cloud assets, remediate critical exposures, address compliance requirements, monitor contractors’ access to privileged access subnetworks, and identify out-of-policy or risky system behaviors and communications.

“Dynamically discovering the internet attack surface of networks with the size and complexity of the DODIN is exactly what Expanse’s products are built for,” Matt Kraning, CTO and Co-founder of Expanse, says. “We are very excited that DISA selected Expanse to provide this capability due to our ability — unique among all other vendors — to scale continuous discovery and monitoring to the truly planetary sized networks that comprise the DODIN.”

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