Bluekeep - The threat is real and what to do Expanse

BlueKeep: The Threat Is Real and Here’s What You Should Do

It’s official — a successful exploit of BlueKeep has been spotted in the wild. Since Microsoft first warned the public about the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) vulnerability BlueKeep, security professionals and researchers have been waiting to see a documented case of bad actors taking advantage of the vulnerability. And on November 2, security researcher Kevin Beaumont revealed that cryptominers were crashing his network of honeypots by exploiting BlueKeep. Microsoft has confirmed this information.

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New Product - Expanse Link blog

Announcing the Launch of Expanse Link

At Expanse, we’re passionate about empowering the world’s largest companies and government organizations to innovate safely and leverage the power of the Internet without fear. Once, the Internet was seen as a playground where innovators could explore and share information safely and without limits. But today, the majority of attacks start via external vectors, making Internet Assets and Services a constant source of cyber risk. Expanse solves this challenge by providing leading organizations with a system of record for all their Internet assets and an understanding of the risks posed by any exposed assets.

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Black Hat

3 Must-See Sessions at Black Hat 2019

It’s that time of the year again: Black Hat 2019 is almost here. As always, it should be a great event with top-of-the-line keynotes, fascinating sessions, amazing options from the vendor community (Expanse included), and of course an opportunity to mingle with friends and colleagues in the security industry.  

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Cloud Discovery

Cloud Discovery Continues to Be Hot for IT Ops

Over the past decade, IT processes have become increasingly decentralized at most organizations. Because the control of Internet-connected assets is so dispersed, it’s an ongoing challenge for organizations to appropriately manage asset lifecycles and monitor for exposures. Few things have contributed to the decentralization of IT — and the asset management challenges that come with it — more than the rise of the cloud.

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When attackers need minutes, not hours

When Attackers Need Minutes, Not Hours

Machine-speed attacks mean even brief exposures can be damaging

It has never been more important for organizations to track and monitor their full, global Internet attack surface. Recent research shows that malicious actors can find and attempt to exploit exposures that are up for only minutes. Attackers using sophisticated tools to scan the entire Internet for exposures, coupled with automated, machine-speed attacks can now more easily breach unknown or unmonitored assets, potentially bringing your entire network to a standstill.

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