Security leaders

What Keeps Security Leaders Up At Night

It’s easy to focus on the threats that you know about, and easy to ignore the ones that you don’t see. When organizations conduct vulnerability scans, they get a weekly reminder of all of the unpatched and out-of-date devices on their network. Spam and phishing emails come in daily and are a constant reminder of the need for vigilance. 

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What We Got Wrong About the Internet

In order to effectively protect our customers, Expanse cultivates a deep understanding of the Internet. We use our global perspective to help our customers understand both what they own that is connected to the public Internet and how to keep their assets secure. Since joining Expanse as a software engineer, I’ve learned about many pervasive, incorrect assumptions related to the history and structure of the Internet – many of which I myself used to hold. These bad assumptions have cropped up throughout the history of the Internet and continue to influence how many think about cybersecurity today.

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Cloud Discovery

Cloud Discovery Continues to Be Hot for IT Ops

Over the past decade, IT processes have become increasingly decentralized at most organizations. Because the control of Internet-connected assets is so dispersed, it’s an ongoing challenge for organizations to appropriately manage asset lifecycles and monitor for exposures. Few things have contributed to the decentralization of IT — and the asset management challenges that come with it — more than the rise of the cloud.

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