If You Leave it They will Come

If You Leave It, They Will Come

The idea of security through obscurity has been universally rebuffed by laymen and experts alike. Even so, it is still widely relied upon in even the most security-aware organizations. But hiding an asset or vulnerability or weakness from people only works for so long. Eventually, people find it. And those people aren’t always the good guys.

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Machine speed attacks create new security risks for remote workforce tech

Machine-speed Attacks Create New Security Risks for Remote Workforce Technologies

RDP and other productivity-enhancing tools leave organizations exposed to attacks on their ever-changing attack surface

In a previous post, we discussed advances in technology that have made it possible to scan the entire public Internet much faster than ever before. Because of these advances, the thought that exposures can simply hide on the Internet is no longer true. You may think that your organization isn’t a target for cybercriminals, but the ease through which an exposure can be found opportunistically means that you may end up a victim anyway.

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