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Network behavior

How to Implement Policies to Secure Your Network

Certain security basics used to be good enough to protect your network. You could roll out an endpoint security tool, ...
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How a Fortune 500 Company Reduced Attack Surface by using Expanse

How a Fortune 100 Financial Services Company Reduced Its Attack Surface With Expanse

Like most large financial institutions, this Fortune 100 financial services company has a complex network. From M&A activity to cloud ...
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Security leaders

What Keeps Security Leaders Up At Night

It’s easy to focus on the threats that you know about, and easy to ignore the ones that you don’t ...
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Attack Surface Reduction

5 Reasons You Need a Global View of Your Attack Surface

In the past, the vast majority of an organization’s attack surface was based on static ranges that were registered to ...
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What We Got Wrong About the Internet

In order to effectively protect our customers, Expanse cultivates a deep understanding of the Internet. We use our global perspective ...
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Cloud Discovery

Cloud Discovery Continues to Be Hot for IT Ops

Over the past decade, IT processes have become increasingly decentralized at most organizations. Because the control of Internet-connected assets is ...
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Cloud Asset Discovery

Think Cloud Visibility Is a Problem? You’re Not Alone

Organizations need to secure their assets in the cloud. But they can’t secure what they don’t know about ...
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Worried About Your Internet Presence?

Worried About Your Internet Presence? Focus on Your Attack Surface

The Internet has created myriad ways for people and organizations to connect with one another. Unfortunately, attackers will attempt to ...
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RDP and CVE-2019-0708: What You Need To Know

RDP and BlueKeep: What You Need To Know

On May 14th, 2019, Microsoft released a patch for a pre-authentication vulnerability affecting several versions of Windows. Microsoft even released ...
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Risky Communications

Types of Risky Communications You Should Watch Out For

If you don’t have visibility into risky communications your assets and employees are engaging in, you can’t secure your network ...
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