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Expanse protects the world’s most important organizations by discovering risks on the Internet no one else can find.


Expanse Responds to COVID-19

Expanse has decided to offer free exposure reports to any hospital or healthcare provider during this crisis to help defend them against attacks. Contact us at, and we’ll start working with you right away to make sure your network is locked down.

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New Challenges and Strategies in Attack Surface Reduction

Organizations’ networks are more distributed than ever before. Explore the latest challenges in attack surface reduction and strategies for forward-thinking security leaders.

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Expanse Frontline Series

Get ready for DoD’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) program with a comprehensive view of all of your Internet Assets and exposures.

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We are an enterprise software company and the leader in Internet Operations Management (IOM). We build a system of record that is the authoritative source for an organization’s global Internet Assets.

Protecting the World's Most Important Organizations

Department of Defense
CVS Health
Lockheed Martin
Department of Energy

What Expanse Does

Map Your Attack Surface

Build your organization’s first intelligent inventory of everything you own on the Internet across different data types and workflows, including on-premise, cloud, and the supply chain.

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Find Exposures

Technical experts are included in every subscription to work with your team to prioritize risks. We build a playbook for addressing exposures and help operationalize workflows with your IT and security teams.

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Monitor In Real Time

Our platform continuously monitors the Internet for risks and policy violations in real time so you are notified if your policies are violated and stay one step ahead of your adversaries.

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Expanse Internet Operations Management

Digital transformation has led to an explosion of Internet Assets that organizations need to manage and secure.

With the Expanse Internet Operations Management Platform, you get an automatic, comprehensive, and continuously updated inventory of every Internet Asset belonging to your organization. This empowers you to monitor configurations, reduce exposures, and ultimately own your digital transformation journey.

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Born from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), we are the world’s ultimate Zero to One shop. Our team is always working on the future. Join us and make the next technology leap at Expanse.
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