Expanse is an enterprise software company and the leader in Internet Operations Management. We build a System of Record of all Internet Assets for the world’s largest organizations.

Map Your Attack Surface

Build your organization’s first Intelligent Inventory of everything you own on the Internet across data types and workflows, including on-premises, commercial cloud, and key suppliers.

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Find Exposures

Technical experts are included in every subscription to work with your team to prioritize risks. We build a playbook for addressing exposures and help operationalize workflows with your IT and Security teams.

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Monitor In Real Time

Our platform continuously monitors the Internet for risks and policy violations in real time, so you are notified if your policies are violated, and you stay one step ahead of your adversaries.

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Internet Inventory Challenge

Digital transformation has made a mess of enterprise IT and resulted in large, ever-changing Internet attack surfaces. Whether it’s a device, service, system, domain, IP range, or cloud instance, keeping track of everything you own — your Internet Assets — is critical.

Without an accurate and complete inventory of every Internet Asset, you are open to risks that can disrupt your business operations or expose sensitive data.

Modern businesses move faster than IT teams can keep up. For example, would you know if a subsidiary’s marketing department stood up a regional cloud instance for a customer-facing campaign? Your Internet Asset inventory must keep up to ensure your security and IT architectures are being applied to all of your networks at all times.

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Born from DARPA, the world’s ultimate Zero to One shop. Our team is always working on the future. Join us and make the next technology leap at Expanse.

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Expanse Solutions

For IT Teams

The Expanse Internet Operations Management Platform allows every organization to get immediate control of its Internet Assets anywhere on the global Internet. Whether they are deployed and forgotten or deployed without your knowledge, find rogue assets fast, and bring them under compliance with your network policies and controls.

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For Security Teams

Most breaches that disrupt an organization start with an exposed Internet Asset. The Expanse Internet Operations Management Platform allows every organization to get immediate visibility and control over its Internet Assets, thereby reducing its attack surface and mitigating risk.

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Protecting the World’s Most Important Organizations

Department of Defense
CVS Health
Lockheed Martin
Department of Energy

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See How Expanse Works

Expanse protects the world’s largest organizations by discovering and monitoring every asset you have on the Internet. Watch this video to discover how Expanse enables you to Know Your Internet, so you can protect your attack surface on-premise, in the cloud, and across your supply chain.

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Lockheed Martin Selects Expanse

The global security and aerospace company Lockheed Martin has selected Expanse Link as one of its adversarial-focused solutions to enhance the cyber posture of companies throughout Lockheed Martin’s multi-tier supply chain.

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