Expanse provides a comprehensive, continuously updated view of all Internet-connected assets that belong to an organization. IT operations and security teams use this insight to reduce the risk posed by unknown or unmonitored assets–on their network and in the cloud–and to minimize their global attack surface.

An effective security program relies on an accurate, up-to-date, and complete inventory of everything an organization owns. In fact, only with an exhaustive inventory will other security tools be as good and as capable as they can be.

Once known, those assets connected to the Internet are the most critical and present the greatest risk. To keep pace with rapid change, you need an automated process to monitor your attack surface for new devices, unsanctioned changes, and possible compromise.

It only takes one unknown or forgotten asset to create a foothold into your organization. Those assets stay unknown through reorganizations, mergers, and acquisitions, which means patches will be missed and security policies are not applied.

Adversaries will find process gaps, policy violations, and human errors. Shadow IaaS, procurement shortcuts, and well-intentioned employees just trying to get things done can grow your attack surface and expose you to threats.

You need to know what's talking with your Internet-exposed assets and why. Communication with known-bad infrastructure, to out-of-policy locales, or using unsanctioned or odd protocols is easy to spot if you know assets to watch and what to look for.

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70 of the Fortune 100 have had a Remote Desktop Protocol exposure in the past 3 months

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